I am me.

I am a left-handed, pasta-loving, ambivert.

I am a maker.

By DISCOVERING nature, You discover YOURSELF
Maxime Lagace

Dream Big Dreams!

I am GIDDY with excitement! For years, I have dreamed of being a Hot Shops Art Center artist! Having a public studio to create, teach, gather, sell and be inspired by the Omaha creative community is now becoming a reality. This June, I will taking over studio #317 on the third floor. This brings meContinue reading “Dream Big Dreams!”

Morning Commute

I’ve easily settled into the new day-to-day of social distancing from my corporate life. Technology keeps us connected through email, text, instant messaging, and video conferencing. It’s not the same; but I have an amazing team who works hard, plays hard, knows when we all just need the gift of laughter. As my morning downtownContinue reading “Morning Commute”

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