Dream Big Dreams!

I am GIDDY with excitement! For years, I have dreamed of being a Hot Shops Art Center artist! Having a public studio to create, teach, gather, sell and be inspired by the Omaha creative community is now becoming a reality. This June, I will taking over studio #317 on the third floor.

This brings me so much joy and I can’t wait to share it with all of you!

If your DREAMS don’t SCARE you . . .
they aren’t BIG enough!

Don’t worry, I’m not quitting my day-job. I will still be working as a transportation specialist in corporate America. Creating has always been my work-life balance. Actually, it has been a part of my entire life.

I love reflecting on my creative child-hood from Art in the Park, to 4-H and Girl Scouts, and art classes in school. I remember my parents were always quick to make sure we had boxes of crayons ready to brighten the world. And, they didn’t go crazy when I said I wanted to major in art in college. Of course, at the time I somewhat thought I’d make the leap from art major to law school.

I believe that everyone is creative. And I look forward to moving into my studio mid-month and sharing my space with you. Keep an update on my studio move-in by following me on Instagram and Facebook. I’ll be posting pictures as my husband and I transform the space. Right now, I am busy collecting and painting studio furniture. And, I’ll be launching some small jewelry making classes soon.


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