Morning Commute

I’ve easily settled into the new day-to-day of social distancing from my corporate life. Technology keeps us connected through email, text, instant messaging, and video conferencing. It’s not the same; but I have an amazing team who works hard, plays hard, knows when we all just need the gift of laughter.

As my morning downtown drive is no longer a part of my routine, I am using some of this “found time” to be creative in the mornings before I jump into the world of emails, spreadsheets and power points.

Today’s commute is the “bees knees.” I love bees. They are such an interesting insect, I love watching them as they buzz around flowers in the garden. They symbolize so many things and I recently discovered that the Honeybee is the Nebraska state insect. Note, I possibly learned this in elementary school, but did not recall this new important factoid.

Enjoy’s today #morningcommute. I’m hoping to add more of these morning vitamins to my routine.

In case you were curious, this particular project will be finished into a trivet / hot pad. These are fun and easy to sew, sew, sew. It’s my goal to write some easy instructions for you to make your own. #GoalsAreGood

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